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Probleme beim Speichern eines Designs? Dieser Artikel erklärt, wie's geht.

Redbubbles ethische Grundsätze

Wir sind ein internationaler Marktplatz und für uns ist dabei ein wichtiger Aspekt, dass wir uns bewusst sind, was für einen Einfluss wir auf die erweiterte Gemeinschaft haben - sowohl in sozialer Hinsicht als auch, wenn es um die Umwelt geht. Mehr zu Redbubbles Unternehmensverantwortung erfährst du hier. Oder lies die folgende Zusammenfassung.

Ethical Production
Major Global Incidents

Ethical Production
Redbubble is committed to ethically-sourced apparel. Only independent third party manufacturers who source high quality garments and value the health and welfare of their staff are permitted to participate in the Redbubble marketplace. All children’s products sold through the marketplace are CPSIA compliant.

Third party manufacturers hold current Social Compliance Certifications such as W.R.A.P. and commit to the Fair Labor Associations Guiding Principles. All of which ensure safe working conditions, conscientious treatment of workers and focus on minimizing environmental impact.

For all of these reasons, Redbubble can fully stand behind its commitment to ethically-sourced apparel.

Major Global Incidents
When a global incident occurs, we often see works emerge on Redbubble as artists respond to real life events. In certain scenarios, we donate all profits from related works to the appropriate charity or organization, ensuring the funds will be used in a meaningful and relevant way.

We‘ll publish this information on our blog. Sales from products with clearly identified tags or notifications from the artist are monitored for 3 months after the event. At the end of the 3 month period, Redbubble reviews the sales and submits all profits to the identified charity. This does not affect any additional donations Redbubble may choose to make.

Any content created in response to such events must comply with Redbubble's User Agreement and all of Redbubble’s usual policies.

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