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Order History

If you sign up for an account with Redbubble (it’s free!), then you can keep track of all of your recent and past orders via the Order History & Status page. In it, you’ll find useful things like:

  • Order Numbers
  • Purchase dates
  • Cost and Destination

If you click through to specific orders, you’ll find even more interesting info like:

  • Each product in that order
  • The status of each item
  • Even artist details!

If you don’t have a Redbubble account, you can still find information using this feature. All you need is the email you used at checkout and the Order number. You can find your Order number at the top of your confirmation email (subject line: ‘Redbubble Order Confirmation and Progress’).

If you can’t find your confirmation email, you can always give our Customer Experience Team a shout. 

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