Importing to TeePublic

Let's start importing your Redbubble shop to your new TeePublic store!

  1. Create a new TeePublic account & verify your email.
  2.  Import your Redbubble designs to your new TeePublic storefront.
  3.  Receive an email when the design import is complete!

Keep in mind

The Import tool is only available for some Redbubble accounts to import to a brand new TeePublic storefront and won’t be made available to any additional accounts at this time. 

If you already have a storefront on TeePublic*, you can upload your Redbubble designs manually or create a new storefront.

  Do you have an email or username you'd like to use, but it's already associated with your existing TeePublic account? Don't worry! The TeePublic Help Center can help you free up the email or username to create a new storefront with them now.

How to import  your Redbubble shop

  1.  Go to your Dashboard and click Sell on TeePublic under “Artist tools”

  2.  Click Create your TeePublic store now and choose to import your art

  3. You'll land on the "Import Your Storefront" page with a custom URL just for you! Heads up, once you navigate to the TeePublic site, the only language supported is English.

  4. Click Create Your Store, and an "Account Sign Up" pop-up will appear.

    Email Address & Username

    You can create your TeePublic store using any email address and username. They don't need to match your Redbubble Account details.

  5. Click Create My Account, and your import will start!
    Even if you can see some of your designs imported, it can still take up to 24 hours to receive your confirmation email and for your TeePublic store to be fully completed. Then you’re all set!
  6. When the import is complete, log into your TeePublic account and double-check that your designs are being displayed correctly. For some tips, check out this TeePublic blog post

If you have any questions about running your new TeePublic store, check out their help center or reach out to TeePublic's Artist Success at

  Things to note

  • This tool is an Importer, not an ongoing store sync. The designs you add to your Redbubble shop after the import will not continue to import to your TeePublic store or vice versa.
  • TeePublic can only accept files 100MB or smaller. Any files over 100MB won't import to your TeePublic store. However, you can still add these designs manually to your new TeePublic store after you decrease the file size when the import is complete.
  • TeePublic doesn't have patterning in their uploader, so any of your designs that use it won't be imported with patterning.
  • Your T-Shirt design file will be applied to all TeePublic products. TeePublic doesn't support multi-file uploads within the same listing as Redbubble does.
  • You may import up to 1,000 designs from your Redbubble shop. If you have more designs than that in your Redbubble account, only the first 1,000 designs uploaded to your Redbubble storefront may be imported to your new TeePublic shop. This means that your recent uploads may not populate.