What is phone verification?

To help improve the artist experience and gain access to the marketplace, we need you to verify your mobile phone number.

How to verify your phone number

  1. Head over to the “Edit Payment Details” page in your “Account Settings”
  2. Select your country
  3. Enter your mobile phone number
  4. Click Send code
  5. Enter the code you receive to your mobile phone in the “SMS Verification Code” field
  6. Click Submit

Having trouble verifying your mobile phone number?

Didn’t get the code? It can take up to 60 seconds to reach you. 

  • Check that you entered the correct number
  • Ensure the number entered is a mobile number
  • Click Send code again

Not able to send the code?

If you've been unsuccessful at receiving a code and now can't click Send code, just try again later.

Is the code not verifying your number?

  • Double-check that you entered the code correctly
  • Be sure your code isn’t expired 
    • It will be valid for 10 minutes
  • Click Send code again

Don’t have a mobile phone number to verify?

You can continue to use Redbubble and upload designs, but a verified mobile phone number is required to open up your Redbubble shop.