Why isn't my work showing up in Redbubble's search results?

Redbubble is an open marketplace where anyone can host and sell art from their own shop, however, there is no guarantee that all designs will be included in the homepage search or on the "new" or "browse" areas of the site due to SEO indexing reasons. The good news is that you do not need to rely on Redbubble search to make sales of your designs! We recommend you take advantage of self-promoting your designs via direct product page or Shop links. Here are some helpful resources:

You can also make sure that your designs are titled and tagged properly, so that if they are indexed for search results, they will appear in relevant customer searches. Here are some resources on tagging:

We do not accept requests to manually review accounts to be reconsidered for indexing, nor do we have additional information we can provide related to search.