How do I change or cancel my order?

  Cancellation Policy

To cancel your full order and receive a refund, you have two hours after placing your order to contact Customer Support.

After two hours, your order is in production and may already be printed and awaiting shipment, so a refund is unavailable.

  Order Changes

Since we can't makes changes to orders, like a color or size change, Order Change requests will be treated as a cancellation.

I need to change the address on my order.

Accidentally sent your order to the Caribbean? Again?

Don’t panic. You can always change your address from your order confirmation email! Just click on the button that says Update address?, right below your shipping address information, and submit the correct address. Check it out in this gif below!


For orders placed in the last 2 hours, you can change the address straight away. If it's past this 2-hour window, just send us the new address, and we’ll forward the change request to the 3rd-party printer.

Things to note:

  • Address change requests after 2 hours are not guaranteed.
  • Delivery countries cannot be changed because your address determines where your order is printed.
Submit an Address Change
My order has not shipped yet.

Please note that you have two hours after placing your order to make a full cancellation for a refund.
In this case, we will try our best to cancel your order

Here's how the process goes:

  1. You let us know that you would like to change or cancel your order.
  2. We’ll contact the 3rd-party printer and ask them to cancel your existing order.
  3. We’ll give you Redbubble Voucher with the full value of the canceled order.
  4. You can place a new order!
Submit Order Change/Cancelation
My order has already shipped.
Orders cannot be canceled after they've been shipped. Please request an Exchange if you’d like to change the size, color, or style of one of the items from your order, or a Return if you no longer want your order or something is wrong with it.
I only want to cancel part of my order.

While we will attempt to process partial order cancelation requests, 3rd-party printers are not always able to do so, in which case your entire order will be canceled.

Submit Order Change/Cancelation