Google Analytics Setup

Linking a Google Analytics account to your Artist shop allows you to track your visitors and how your works are doing. These insights help you target your marketing, identify gaps in your audience, and inform the type of work you want to create going forward.

This article will cover:


Setting up with Google Analytics

  1. Create a new Google Analytics account or add a new profile to your existing GA profile.
  2. Under 'Property Details' make sure to add your Property name and the reporting time zone and currency.
  3. Next, click on 'Show advanced options" and toggle on the option Create a Universal Analytics property. In order to track your Artist Shop, you'll need to add the Tracking ID that is only provided for Univeral Analytics properties, which are part of an earlier version of Google Analytics. GA1_en-us.png
  4. Now, when asked for your website URL, enter and select 'Create a Universal Analytics property only'. Google Analytics does not need your specific Redbubble page name or details to run properly. You should name your entries to make it easier when managing multiple services in your GA account.GA2_en-us.png
  5. Complete the Business Information and click on 'create'. 
  6. After accepting the Google Analytics' Terms and Conditions, you'll be prompted to your Tracking Info, where you'll a Tracking ID that should look something like this: UA-XXXXXXXX-X.
  7. Take note of your Tracking ID for the next step.

Entering Tracking ID

    1. Once logged in to Redbubble, select Account Details from the right drop-down menu.
    2. On the next left-hand menu, select Google Analytics and enter your 'Tracking ID' into the field Web Property ID.
    3. Select Save Changes to apply your GA tracking ID to your Artist shop.

I already have a Google Analytics account

  1. For existing Google Analytics users: first, click on the Admin tab and select Create New Property from the Property drop-down menu.
  2. Follow the steps described in the above section 'Setting Up Google Analytics' to complete setting up the new profile.