How can I troubleshoot issues with the website?

Many things can interfere with a smooth experience on the Redbubble marketplace, from issues with your computer or local network to your internet service provider. If you’re having trouble using the site, try the following:

  • Ensure you're using a web browser that best supports
  • Refresh or restart your browser
  • Try using a private or incognito window
    • Click the browser logo you're using to get steps on how to open a private window
Firefox.png Google_Chrome.png Microsoft_Edge.png Safari.png
  • Log out of Redbubble and log back in
    • On, click the Account icon and then Logout
    • Click Yes, I'm sure
    • Then in the upper right corner, click Login
  • Clear your browser's cache & cookies
    • Click the browser logo you're using to get steps on how to clear your cache & cookies
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  • Update your browser to the most recent version and try again
  • Ensure you have javascript enabled
    • Click the browser logo you're using to get steps on how to enable javascript
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  • Temporarily switch off any firewalls and antivirus software and try again. If this works, look to add to any trusted or safe site list
  • If you are using a work computer or other networked computer, speak to your network administrator about any filters or settings which might be affecting your use of Redbubble
  • Shut down your device and turn it back on
  • Try using on a different device

 Independent artists

The mobile app doesn't support uploading artwork or managing your portfolio. To avoid unsuccessful uploads, using the website on your desktop is best.

If these steps don't resolve your issue, please reach out to Artist Success with a screenshot of what you're seeing.