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Creating a Redbubble Calendar

Calendars are a handy way to add something new to your shop using your existing Redbubble designs. They're created by selecting images that you've already uploaded, so before you put one together, you'll need the designs you'd like to use primed and ready to go in your portfolio. Images set to private can still be used for calendars. 

To add create your own Miss or Mr February, head to the Add New Work page and click the New Calendar button on the bottom left of the screen.

You'll then be whisked away to the New Calendar screen, with all the familiar TitleDescription and Tag fields for you new work. Be sure you fill these in so that people can easily find your calendar!

Further down the page, you'll be presented with a row of drop-down lists for the cover of your calendar and each month. Simply click these and choose the works you'd like to use! 

It's worth noting that only images which reach the size threshold calendar image thresholds for the calendar cover or month will be displayed in these lists.

Once you've chosen your set of images, you can select whether you'd like the new calendar to remain private, as well set the markup for this product type. 

Click Create Calendar and your new product will be live!


What are the image size requirements to print on a calendar?

To ensure that your new calendar looks amazing when printed, there are image size thresholds in place for both the month and cover images. Every image that you'd like to use for the cover or month on the calendar has to reach these minimum sizes:

  • Calendar cover image - 2371x2875 pixels
  • Month images - 2182x1906 pixels


How can I edit a previously created calendar?

Simply head to the calendar design page, and you'll see an edit button on the top right hand corner. Click this and select edit work.

Why is my image not showing in the drop-down menu?

It's too small. To appear in this list, the image has to be 2371x2875 pixels to be used as the cover image, and 2182x1906 pixels to be used as a month image.


My image is bigger than the threshold for calendar images. Can I still use it?

You sure can! Our system will automatically scale larger images to fit within the print area on the calendar.


My image is a landscape / portrait

Certainly! Our system will scale it to fit within the print area. If you're not happy with how the design is scaled, you may have to upload a new version of the design to use instead. 

Landscape and Portrait designs on a calendar


How do I set the start month for my calendar?

There's no need. The customer can select a start month when they purchase your new design!



The Fox and the Forest by Nic Squirrell

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