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The ABC's of Self Marketing

Here at Redbubble, we understand the need to get your work out to as many potential customers as possible, which is why we have some handy tools you can use to promote yourself right here on the site!

Tagging Your Work
Redbubble Groups that offer advice?
Tips from fellow Artists
Help from the Blog

Tagging Your Work

Tagging is Fundamental! Tags help people find your work via the search on Redbubble. Combined with relevant titles, they increase the chances of your works being seen by people who will love and appreciate them. There's an art to good tagging, so below we've listed some tips to ensure you're equipped with all the info you need to get the best results from tagging your work.

How to tag your work

When you upload a new work (or go into the edit screen of an existing work), you'll see a field to enter tags and a list of different media just below your description. You can choose up to 50 tags (separated by commas) and two media to describe your work. Once you've made your selections, don't forget to save changes using the big red Save button at the bottom of the edit screen. You can also come back and make edits to these if you change your mind later.


Tips for tagging

  • You should pick tags which describe your work as accurately as possible.
  • Locations, colors, subject matter, mood, technique - these are all good things to consider using as tags.
  • The aim is to attract people who are looking for the specific elements contained in your work. 
  • You can have multi-word tags like London Bridge. This will also still show up in a search for London.
  • We will automatically extract common grammatical terms as these serve no purpose.
  • There's no need to add Photography, Illustration etc as tags. Media selections act in the same way as tags.
  • Written works will automatically be assigned to the 'Writing' media. There's no need to add writing as a tag.
  • Titles are included in what we search, so it's important for them to be relevant also.
  • Please note that descriptions don't currently affect searches on Redbubble but are picked up by search engines like Google.

As well as the hints above, our blog masters have created some specific articles that will help you get the most out of tagging. These articles will help give you some ideas for generating the best tags for your work, as well an involving your fans in the process.

What is tag spamming?

Tag spamming is the use of irrelevant keywords as tags in an attempt to increase exposure. We strongly discourage this, as it dilutes search results and frustrates customers who are searching for specific designs - nobody enjoys being presented with irrelevant works when they're searching for something specific. It's frowned upon and it doesn't really achieve much, so if you spot a particularly bad case of tag spamming, you can let us know using the 'report' link under the work.



To help protect your work, Redbubble gives you the ability to enable watermarks on our previews. To enable a watermark, simply head over to your account settings. From here, scroll down to find your Image Settings and have a tinker.

So that we don't deter the sale of your work, watermarks will only appear on the enlarged preview of your work. As such, watermarks won't appear on image thumbnails or product previews: 

Nor will they appear on the regular work preview. Depending on which option you choose, an enabled watermark will either appear in the center or bottom right hand corner of the enlarged preview of work:

Like most internet sites, when we show an image the first time, it is sent to our Content Distribution Network all around the world, and they keep local copies in all the different countries for a period so that images load faster for you. This is standard internet caching practice. When you update your watermark settings, images that have previously been viewed might take some time for the watermarks to filter through.


What groups can I join that can help with advice?

You might also consider joining some the really handy Redbubble groups that have been created by other artists and staff. We can recommend the following groups to get started:



Tips from your fellow artists!

Some of our artists were asked to share some helpful tips to those who are new to the community. Here are some of our favourites that we thought might help you or give you an idea.

  • "Get to know people on Redbubble. Join groups and make friends" - Lori Peters
  • "Buy your own work, sell it through exhibitions, market stalls, art fairs, gift shops, galleries etc." - richiedean
  • "One of the biggest resources you have available to you is Redbubble and its members" - Paul Louis Villani
  • "Advertise, make your own website, blogs, even facebook. Use twitter as a newsletter to tell your friends or fans about your new designs." - Yanmos
  • "Every time I put something up in my portfolio, I email it to friends from my RB account" - Sorina Williams
  • "I've bought my own cards and given them as gifts to friends and family. This distributes advertising for my bubble page all over the globe!" - Paul Tait
  • "Buy your own work and display them as samples, they will sell. It worked for me and at a mark up of 100% or more." - Mark Ingram
  • "Each group exhibition is filled with different artists, works and mediums, it's a great way to learn about what's out there and also perhaps what's selling." Paul Louis Villani
  • "Tell people about your interest in photography, when they ask how was your weekend, tell them about it. You'll be surprised how many people will succumb to curiosity and want to have a peak at your work." - reflexio
  • "Get your artwork where people will see it." - Travis Easton


While we've included links to a few handy articles on our blog, there is so much more helpful content there for you to discover! Below are a few more tidbits to help with marketing and promoting your works, managing your creativity and making the most of Redbubble. Be sure to make some time to browse around, you're bound to find something to excite and inspire!


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