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Groups on Redbubble

Groups are the villages within the Redbubble universe. They are organized around a subject, style or a social community on Redbubble.

After you have signed up to Redbubble, you can search for groups by clicking on your profile pic in the upper right corner and selecting 'Find Groups'.


Once you find a group you like, you can join by clicking the Join This Group button. To find out how to add work to the group, check out this handy dandy FAQ.

Hosting an orphaned/abandoned group - Temporarily Unavailable

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a group is left without any hosts. If you are interested in breathing new life into such a group, write to us at with the usernames of yourself and at least one other active member who would like to help you form a new hosting team.

If you are part of a group which is hosted, but the host appears to have been inactive for some time, and you'd like help with hosting the group this is what you need to do:

  • Contact the host via Bubblemail, to politely ask if they are still interested in hosting the group or would welcome some assistance.
  • If they do not respond, or indicate that they are no longer interested in hosting the group, your next step is to find a at least one other group member who would like to actively host the group with you as a team. You could do this via Bubblemail or by asking for volunteers in the group forum.
  • Write to us at with the usernames of yourself and the other active members to become hosts, and include a link to the group. We cannot accept any requests to alter the status of current group hosts if you do not have a team willing to step in.
  • If you have advised us that you have not received any response from the host, we will attempt to contact them on your behalf. However please note, as a general rule, we will not contact a host unless they have been unresponsive to your attempts to contact them and inactive on Redbubble for more than 3 months.
  • We discourage people hosting lots of groups, so if you already have quite a few groups that you are hosting, and this one isn't particularly close to your heart, please consider encouraging some of the other group members to give hosting a go.

Please note that if you are considering taking the reins of a dormant group, it is important that you continue operating it along in the same theme and do not change the name or direction of the group. 

Group Challenges

Challenges are a great way to get involved by seeing the best work in different genres, entering your own work and voting on others. There's new themes all the time, so just wait around for something that rocks you!

How do they work?

The group hosts set a theme and a start date. They also specify how long the entry period should last, and then how long voting lasts after all the entries have been collected.

Who can participate?

Entries are restricted to members of the group, with one entry per person.

What about voting?

Voters can vote for as many of the entries as they like, and we jumble up all the entries for each voter, so that no one has an advantage. When the voting period closes we tally up all the votes to declare the winner!
For the great majority of challenges voting is open to anyone. This differs when membership of the group is by 'invite only', then only group members are able to vote in the challenge.

Challenge Etiquette

When it comes to challenge etiquette, beyond Redbubble's Community and Content Guidelines, you should follow the rules of each individual challenge. Here are some examples to give you a sense of how Redbubble etiquette applies to challenges:

Generally Okay

  • Promoting a whole challenge without highlighting specific works
  • Asking for votes on your social platforms

Not Okay

  • Sending Bubblemail to individuals asking for votes on a particular work may be reported as spam
  • Posting "vote for me" type threads in the forums may be considered spam
  • Commenting on the work of others with requests to vote on your work may reported as spam
  • Using group messages to ask for votes on a particular work

If you are not sure, refer to the rules of each specific challenge, or your group hosts for guidance.

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