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Tools & Tricks

There are some handy tricks you can use to make sure you use your RB profile to its full potential. Below you will see some examples of what tips and tricks many artists on Redbubble use to personalise their profile pages!

How to Utilise Widgets

If you’d like to share your work on your own website, we have sales widgets that you can embed in any page you like - you just have to add the pre-generated HTML code into your own site. You can access the code via your Account Settings page by hitting Promote.

How to make your profile really stand out!

Redbubble is home to over 300,000 artists and millions of images, so finding ways to stand out is super important to your RB success. Whether you want to appeal to as many people as possible or just find people who appreciate what you do, our blog team have created the post below to get you on your way to the front of the pack.


Text and Image Links on Redbubble

This is our basic formula for formatting text, or creating a link to somewhere: 

*Bold Text* Bold Text
_Italic_ Italic
"Linked Text": Linked Text
+Underlined+ Underlined
* List Items
  • List Items
youtube:url Embed YouTube Video

Get more help on using pictures and formatting around the site in the Learning Centre Forum. 

Tips for getting started

There are loads of things to consider when you begin creating, uploading and selling on Redbubble. Some of these things are related directly to what you're making, while other aspects will help define what you want to get out of your experience and the steps you can take to achieve that. You'll find links to a couple of handy blog posts below, ideal for helping you get started building your empire. Why not explore the blog a little more and see what else inspires you!?


Help from the Redbubble Community

If you’d like some more information from fellow Redbubble members, you should definitely check out our Sales and Marketing forum. The Redbubble Blog also has some great tutorials for designers and how promotion can work for you.

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