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Uploading Work

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can now start adding work to your portfolio. This article will walk you through the ins and outs of adding work, making adjustments, enabling and disabling product, and thinking out your titles and descriptions.


More of a visual learner? We have videos! Head over to our Uploading Work article to watch the magic happen.

Adding and Adjusting Work

  1. To add a new work, click on your profile pic in the upper right corner. In the drop down, select Add New Work. 


  2. From the Add New Work Page you can either
    1. click Upload to All Products
    2. or click Copy settings from existing work if your new work has similar settings to a listing you’ve created previously. Next, choose the work you want to copy and click on the cog. Select Copy and Replace all images with your new design. Tags, margin percentage, and even background color all transfer over smoothly, meaning no added work for you.
  3. A window will appear, where you can pick the design you want to upload. Find your design and hit OpenOnce the upload completes, you’ll see the product preview section. Here you can see and adjust your design on each of the product offerings.
  4. You can adjust the look of your design on different products by clicking the Edit button under each of the products.

    From here you can move, center and resize your design on the product and set some default settings like color.


  5. Once you’re happy with the look of your design, click Apply changes and move on to the other products. 

    We highly recommend viewing your work on each item to ensure they’re all store-ready.


Enabling and Disabling on Product

Based on the size of your file, the Uploader will automatically enable and disable the products your work is available on. The larger your image, the more likely our system will enable them on larger products. Of course, as the artist, the decision is ultimately up to you.

Remember: Resolution & file size matter! Smaller files with fewer pixels won’t translate onto larger items. Check out the Dimensions & Format article for more info.

There are 2 ways to enable/disable certain products.

You can enable/disable the entire line of products.

You can see how many specific products are in a line by the fraction under the product title. Large Print Clothing, for example, has 3 products in the line.

To enable/disable all of the products in that line, you can hit the 'Enabled/Disabled' button under the preview. You’ll know the product line is enabled when the button is green.


You can also enable/disable specific products in a line.

  1. Scroll to any of the Product categories that have more than one product in the line, like Large Print Clothing.
  2. Click Edit and your Editing window will appear.
  3. To the right of the product preview, there is a menu with two options to toggle through: the pencil icon, and the checkmark or cogwheel icon. Click on the checkmark or cogwheel icon.
  4. This will open up your Availability tab. Checkmarking a product will enable it in the product line.
  5. Hit Apply changes.


Is it possible to disable or limit certain T-Shirt colors?

We're looking to introduce a t-shirt color limitation feature. We don't have a timeframe for which this will be available just yet, but it’s on our to-do list.

Titles, Tags, and Work Settings

Once you’ve added work and ensured it looks good on the product, you can start adding Titles, Tags, and Work Settings.

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the Uploader section.
  2. Name your design and add descriptions and tags. Think through each of these pieces because they affect how easily people will be able to find your work!


  3. If you speak German, French, or Spanish, you can also add specific tags and descriptions in each of these languages by hitting the checkbox Manually Enter tags and descriptions for language.

    If not, our multilingual robots will do it for you. Titles are automatically translated depending on the viewers language settings.
  4. Choose two kinds of media that describe your art.
  5. If you have a Collection, you can add your new design to a Collection. Otherwise, you can skip this.
  6. Choose your designs default view. If your design looks best on an iPhone case, hit iPhone case. The product must be enabled in order to select it as the default view.
  7. Decide on your design’s privacy and maturity settings. Private works are only viewable to you and Mature works are only viewable to those who have allowed Mature work to show up in their feed.


  8. And finally, we’ve got one last checkbox which confirms your ownership and your right to sell the design on Redbubble.

    Confused? Check out the super helpful Intellectual Property FAQ on our Help Center. Or consult with a legal professional.
  9. Double check your work up to this point. If everything looks good to go, hit Save Work.

    Congrats on successfully uploading your work!


Kids Clothes

Enabling kids clothes is not automatically applied when you upload your design. If you feel your work is appropriate for this category, you can enable Kids Clothes by following these steps:

  1. In the Uploader, enable Standard Print Clothing.
  2. Click on the Edit button.
  3. Head over to the Availability tab and checkmark the Kids Clothes option.
  4. Click Apply changes.


Replacing Images

It’s important to review how your design sits on each product and to make the necessary adjustments. Apparel looks good with a design that has a transparent background. Leggings might look better if the design were a pattern.

Replacing images is easy in the Uploader.

  1. Pick the product type you want to replace the image for.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. At the top of the pop up box, hit the Replace image option.

  4. Pick the image from your computer and hit Apply Changes.

Group Submissions

Adding work to a group? We got you covered! As long as you are a member of a group on Redbubble you should be able to add a work by selecting the checkboxes under Group Submissions at the base of the page.

Be sure to check the Group’s Submission Requirements as it’s up to the Group Host to accept or deny submissions.


Uploading Trouble

Why isn't my png uploading?

This is an issue we’ve seen with GIMP files. We’re not quite sure what’s causing the problem yet, but you’ll want to use GIMP’s Export As option. When the export dialogue window pops up, click on Advanced Options and deselect Save Exif/XMP/IPTC/thumbnail.




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