How do I find things on Redbubble?

Shopping on the Redbubble marketplace is easy thanks to our handy search bar at the top of every page.


Our incredibly advanced search technology, which requires the biggest, most complicated science words to describe, is designed to sort through the millions of independent artists' products to find something just for you.

Here are some tips for better search results or if you're not finding your thing:

  • Add additional descriptive words
  • Check your spelling and try again
  • You can also filter by product, design topics, and in some cases, size, and color

How to view enabled products for artwork 

So you found artwork that you love, but you're not exactly sure how you want to display it, or maybe you found artwork on a sticker, but you'd like it on a T-shirt.

Don't worry! You can see all the products the independent artist has enabled for their artwork.

On desktop iOS Android

From the product page

  • Scroll down and click View this design on +X products
  • A window will pop open with all available products for you to scroll through

From the artwork page

  • Scroll down to see all products that are enabled

Not seeing the artwork on the product you want?

Independent artists decide what products to enable for their artwork. If the artist has their BubbleMail set up or social media accounts linked on their Redbubble artist profile, feel free to reach out to them to let them know what products you'd like to see their artwork on!

Along with the search bar, there are other ways to discover things you never knew you needed. Sign-up for our newsletter at the bottom of to find out about our curated collections, or take a look at the For you or Explore pages.

How to find artists

The best way to find a specific independent artist is by getting a direct link from the artist for their shop or getting their Redbubble username and adding it to the end of the URL .

If you find an independent artist you like while browsing the Redbubble marketplace, you can like their products or designs by clicking the heart icon on the image. You can also follow the artist by clicking Follow in their artist profile. To do this, you'll first need a Redbubble account

 Having trouble finding artwork?

Did you find something previously on Redbubble or even saved something you liked but now it's not in your list? It's important to note designs on Redbubble are frequently reviewed, changed, or removed by the independent artists that upload them, or by us in accordance with our Community Guidelines and/or IP Copyright Policy.