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Just a reminder our Artist Payment Cycle runs from the 15th-20th of each month

Coupon Codes

Occasionally, Redbubble will send out coupon codes through promotional emails, banners on the website, or via our Social Media pages(Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). These are the only methods to obtain a valid Redbubble coupon.

You can follow the steps below to apply a coupon code to your order:

  1. Once you’re ready to buy, head over to your Shopping Cart.
  2. Click the ‘Enter A Coupon’ link and enter the code in the empty field.
  3. Click ‘Apply’.
  4. From there you can complete your payment details and check out via one of our accepted payment options.

The total will automatically update once you hit the "Apply" button.


Keep in mind that coupon codes cannot be used simultaneously with a Redbubble Credit code or Gift Certificate at this time.

Promos with Multiple Deals

Sometimes, we’ll put up a promotion that has more than one deal.

Say, we have a Black Friday promotion with a Coupon Code that takes 20% off site-wide and 25% off apparel. When you use the code to buy a shirt, you notice that the code only takes 20% off the shirt instead of 25%. This is not an error!

The shirt (and all apparel) have already been discounted by a percentage on the site. That means when you buy the shirt, the discount will come out to 25% and if you buy a non-apparel item, the discount will stay at 20%.

My Coupon Code Doesn’t Work

Not seeing the price reduction after clicking ‘Apply’? Here are some of the most common coupon problems to help you troubleshoot:

  • Have you copied the code exactly as it was advertised? (no extra characters or spaces)
  • Has the code expired?
  • Is the code only valid for a particular product? (most helpful when a discount is for a specific product type, like tote bags)
  • Did you obtain your coupon from a valid source? (our website banner, social media post, or email promotion)

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still experiencing problems, please contact our Customer Experience team using the link below. Include the details of the coupon code you're trying to use and we can assist you in placing your Redbubble order.

Contact our Support Team
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