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Login Trouble

Your Redbubble profile contains sensitive information such as your home address and purchase history, so we keep this information under lock and key.

Having trouble logging in?

You can recover a forgotten username or password by heading to the account recovery page. We’ll send you an email with everything you need to reset your password and login.

Password Reset Email Not Received

If you don’t see your password reset email, please try the following:

  • Make sure that your email address has been entered correctly. Be sure to check spelling, spaces and upper or lower cases. Then send the reset request again.
  • Check the junk mail folder in your email. You can also add Redbubble to your ‘safe’ list for future contacts.

Due to our privacy policy, we cannot help members gain access to an account.

But that's my old email address. Help!

In the interest of protecting your personal information, we are unable to send password reset instructions to a different email address. Your best option is to contact your old email address provider to see if you can restore access to your original email address.

To close an account that you no longer have access to, please follow the link below to contact our Redbubble Artist Experience team. Remember to have your username handy and explain why you want the account removed.


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