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The Global Marketplace

One of the tenets of our mission is to be a global marketplace. To do this, we’ve begun localising our site so that we can connect artists and buyers in all corners of the world.

How many languages is Redbubble available in?

There are incredibly diverse communities of artists across different geographies that mean a whole lot to us. We figured the least we could do is make an effort to speak their language. We’re currently available in English, German, French and Spanish, with more to come.

How will this affect my shopping experience?

Now that we’ve added more language options, we’ve become more accessible to artists who prefer to use Redbubble in their native tongue. More artists means an expanded selection of work available to you!

Worry not, you can find these new works regardless of language. Tags and descriptions of newly uploaded works are automatically translated from English to German, French and Spanish with Google Translate.

When and how is this all happening?

Our intensive language courses paid off - Redbubble launched in German in March 2016, French in June 2016, and Spanish in July 2016. Wunderbar, magnifique and estupendo!

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