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Bundle Discounts

Bundle Discounts are year-round deals that automatically apply to your order when you have a certain amount of items in your cart.

Promotional Discounts, on the other hand, are available for a limited time and can be found in marketing emails, banners on the website, or on our social media pages (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). Unlike Bundle Discounts, you need to input a Coupon Code at checkout to apply the promo discount to your order.

If you’re applying a Promo Discount to items that are already part of a Bundle Discount, then the site will automatically apply the discount that saves you more money.

Let’s say we’re running a promotion for 30% off scarves. The ongoing Bundle Discount on scarves is 25% off 2 scarves. So If you add 2 scarves to your cart, and input the Coupon Code from the Promotion, you’ll get the 30% off instead. Which is pretty sweet.

Below is a list of our ongoing Bundle Discounts:



Home Decor:

  • 15% off throw pillows of any size and style (qty: 2+)
  • 15% off standard & tall mugs (qty: 2-3)
  • 20% off standard & tall mugs (qty: 4+)



Wall Art:

We’ll prompt you with possible discounts, based on items you’ve already added to your cart.


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