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Bundle Discounts

Want to save some cash? Take advantage of our ongoing Bundle Discounts.

What is a Bundle Discount?
How are our Bundle Discounts different from a Bulk Order?
Can I combine a Coupon Code with a Bundle Discount?
Take me straight to the deals.

What is a Bundle Discount?

Bundle Discounts are year-round deals that automatically apply to your order when you have a certain amount of items in your cart. No code required. We will prompt you with possible discounts, based on items you’ve already added to your cart or you can see all our Bundles here.


On the other hand…

  1. Coupon Codes are codes that take a percentage off your order. You can find them in promotional material like email, social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram), or via banners on the website.
  2. Vouchers are codes with an attached dollar amount. You might get a voucher from a Customer Success Rep after you get in touch with us, so these are not promotional codes, they are created just for you. 


How are our Bundle discounts different from a Bulk Order?

The Bulk Order program is designed to help customers interested in placing orders that exceed $1000AUD/$1000CAD/$750USD/€650/£560 and has a few requirements, but if you’re eligible, you’re in for great discounts and benefits.

Want to know more? Head here to learn about the process and submit your request!

Can I combine a Coupon Code with a Bundle Discount?

Bundle Discounts and Coupon Codes cannot be combined. However, the site will automatically apply the discount that saves you more money. Just be sure your order matches the product type and meets the minimum quantity to qualify for a Bundle Discount.

Check out our Bundle Discounts and other ongoing promotions here!

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