Fan Art Program

We had a dream that fan artists on Redbubble could officially create designs for their favorite brands. We also had a dream where we accidentally came to work naked. But this is about the first dream. Exciting news! We’re about to make your fan art dreams a reality with the launch of our brand new Redbubble Fan Art Program.

For the first time ever, you’ll be able to sell official fan art on Redbubble.

We’re creating amazing opportunities for fan artists on Redbubble to connect with brands you love, create officially licensed work and gain more recognition for your creativity. And we’re going to be working with some incredibly exciting partners who are blown away by your skills and love what you do.

Here’s everything you need to know about our Fan Art Program.

How It Works


  1. Brand Partnerships 
    Here’s where you’ll find information on current partnerships. We’ll be adding more to this list soon!

  2. Check Guidelines
    Each brand has a set of guidelines. Make sure you’re familiar with these before working on your designs.

  3. Tag Your Work
    Once your design is ready, upload it on Redbubble and tag it properly. You can find the right tags on each guidelines page.

  4. Watch Your Inbox
    Your work will be reviewed. Once the review is complete, we’ll send an email to let you know if it’s been approved.

 For more info visit

Important Things to Know

It’s super important that our new Fan Art Program has artist’s interests at its heart. We’re working our socks off to establish balanced partnerships, where both the rights holders and artists benefit equally. And we’re making an effort to work with brands who truly support this approach.

Limited to Redbubble: This license covers the sale of your artwork on the Redbubble marketplace only. If you sell it anywhere else, your artwork could be denied from the program, removed from Redbubble, and in some cases- your account could be suspended. However, we've partnered with Teepublic to expand our fan art program. Click here to see if you can submit your fan art to Teepublic.

Your Artist Margin: There are no changes to your artist margin. You'll still be paid in full.

Making Edits to Your Work: Changing your uploaded work in any way may reset the licensing review process, and your artwork may be suspended for review again. This includes making changes to tags, the title of the work, and/or the work description. 

You’ll find more detailed information in our 
Frequently Asked Questions