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Calendars were first introduced on Redbubble in 2010. While they were initially a popular product, we’ve seen the demand for calendars decrease over time. Due to this, we have taken the decision to retire calendars from Redbubble.


August 1st, 2018.


As we make updates to Redbubble, the investment required to maintain the product now outweighs the benefits of offering calendars for sale.

What happens to my collections?

If you are currently showcasing calendars in a collection. The below links may be helpful in removing calendars from your collections.

What happens to my works featured in the calendars?

As calendars only added an existing, uploaded work to the calendar template, your work will remain untouched. Only the calendar will be removed.

What happens if my customer ordered a calendar and needs a reprint?

No worries. Have your customer contact our Customer Support Team and we will be happy to organize a reprint for them.

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