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Bulk Orders

Are you an artist on Redbubble looking to sell your designs IRL? Or maybe you need to buy gifts for 100 of your closest friends?

You’re kind of a big deal, so you deserve a larger-than-life shopping experience with the Redbubble Bulk Order Program.

What is the Bulk Order Program?

Our Bulk Order program is designed to help customers interested in placing large orders through the Redbubble marketplace. This program offers many benefits including:

  • A special, sample coupon to check out the product and print quality
  • A one-time use Bulk Order coupon for up to 55%* off your Bulk Order
  • Free standard shipping for qualifying orders (refund processed post-purchase within 3-5 business days)
  • And depending on your ordering frequency, you may qualify for even more awesome-ness!

*Coupon percentages may vary depending on your desired products.

How do I apply?

Bulk discount eligibility is based on estimated purchase cost, not by the number of items you intend to order. Once you have submitted your Bulk Order request, our team will decide if this program is the right fit for you.

  1. Program Details & Discounts - Your introductory message will include details regarding the Bulk Order process including information on our modified returns policy, shipping considerations, and how our volume discounts work.
  2. Sample Order - Because Bulk Orders are subject to a limited returns policy, we request all eligible customers to first place a small sample order to ensure all products meet your expectations.
  3. Bulk Order - Once you receive and are happy with your sample order, we will provide guidance on how to place your Bulk Order.

Special Note: Orders of 99 or fewer Masks are not eligible for bulk ordering. If you’d like to order smaller quantities, please refer to our ongoing Bundle Discounts for more details.

Can you give me a Bulk Order cost estimate?

Because prices vary based on the product type and the markup independent artists set for their designs, we are not able to provide cost estimates for Bulk Orders at this time. The best way to calculate your Bulk Order cost (pre-taxes, shipping, or any Bulk Order incentive discounts) is to add your desired items to your cart and change the quantity at checkout.

What about the production and shipping timeframes?

As all products are printed on-demand, bulk orders may take an additional 5 - 7 business days on the date quoted on your auto-generated order confirmation.
If you have an urgent deadline for this order, please factor in the additional time required.

What if I don't qualify for the Bulk Order Program?

If you don’t qualify or you’re not planning on placing a large order, check out our Bundle Discounts page to learn more about the savings we offer year-round.  

Submit a Bulk Order Request 

A few more important details

  • Please note that our standard returns policy does not apply to Bulk Orders. Once you qualify, we’ll send you more information about the updated policy.
  • The bulk order discount is not valid with any other offer or with shipping and processing fees.
  • All bulk orders are ‘delivered duties unpaid’ so please refer to local customs regulations regarding any potential 3rd party charges relating to importation.
  • At this time our bulk order request form is only available in English.
  • Any personal data you input into the form is collected, stored, and processed in accordance with Redbubble’s Privacy Policy. 
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