November Payment Delay

Update: All payments have now been processed. Funds transferred to Paypal and US bank accounts should already be in your account while it may still take a couple more days for funds to reach UK bank accounts.

Unfortunately, we experienced an issue with November’s artist pay run which means that some artist payments are taking a few extra days to process.

We estimate that all the payments will be processed by the end of this week (Calendar Week 46), which means your earnings will reach your account a few days later than usual.

To ensure the correct processing of the payments, payment details cannot be edited while payments are being run. Please, try again in the next few days. 

Please remember that only sales that shipped before November 15 will be included in this pay cycle if they amount to or exceed the Payment Threshold.

If you haven't reached the Payment Threshold, but your earnings to be paid are at least $2 by December 15, you'll be included in the annual December payout. Learn more about it here!

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