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Comforters vs Duvets vs Throw Blankets

From throw blankets to duvet covers, to comforters, Redbubble offers several products to make your bedding as unique and stylish as you. Each item can have whichever independent artist design you decide, but what are the differences between them?


Throw Blankets:

Throw blankets are lightweight 100% polyester fleece blankets perfect for throwing on top of your bed, folding on the end of your bed, or snuggling under while reading a book on your couch.

Duvet covers:

Duvet covers are a case for a duvet insert which can be easily washed and changed to swap out the style of your bedding. Think of it like a pillowcase where the duvet insert is like a pillow. Redbubble doesn’t sell duvet inserts but you can find examples with a variety of thickness and warmth here.


Comforters are thick fluffy blankets that sit on top of your sheets. It will have the design of your choosing and is filled with synthetic fibers to add warmth. Redbubble comforters are machine washable.


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