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What are lists?

Get on it! Lists are part of our new exciting tool that will give a 180-degree turn to your favoriting experience! It is a means for you to harvest your favorite designs on Redbubble.

This is what’s cool about Lists: 

  • You can save all of the neat things you find on the site by: topic, theme, hobbies, character, gift lists for yourself and others, saving for later…
  • You can share your lists with the outside world! Whether you’re an artist, an influencer or a regular human being, sharing your favorite art is a really powerful tool. Use it!
  • You can edit your lists by adding and removing items from them with just a click on the heart.
  • When you're ready to buy, go to your lists and add your favorite designs to your cart!

This is what’s not cool about Lists: 

  • Nothing. They’re really great! 

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