What has changed in the Shop Page?

No need to fret, this change is for the better! There are some pretty nice perks that come with having the updated Shop Page. Let us break them down for you: 

  • Cleaner layout to show off your personal brand, so your customers can browse and purchase much more smoothly.
  • Improved shopping experience on mobile
  • Customers can now choose to view products as a grid or as larger images.
  • Filters have been updated so customers can see your latest works or best sellers, view by product category, or choose things like t-shirt style, colors and size and fit.
  • Customers can also choose to view by product or artwork.
  • Customers can now add your products to their favorites directly from the Artist Shop page.
  • Your Shop Page will be linked from our busiest pages. For example, the username links on product pages will now send customers to your Shop page.
  • The shop will show the number of designs that have products enabled. If you see a discrepancy, make sure all of your designs are enabled in at least 1 product. 
  • Collections will also be displayed in your new shop, so you can organize your designs in different themes to help your customers find what they're looking for!
  • Your New Shop will become your main landing page via your personalized shop link (username.redbubble.com)

See? This is very exciting. You can also pay a visit to our blog post if you’re looking for more detailed information.