Will my order arrive by December 24?

Connecting hundreds of thousands of independent artists with dozens of 3rd-party printers worldwide, all working to produce each order on-demand, then shipping them all over the world and making sure they arrive by December 24 is no small task. We plan ahead of time so that orders traveling around the world can be shipped out with enough time to make all those giftees happy with their unique new items.


How do I know I’m ordering on time?

We’ll tell you! After you’ve selected your shipping country on the bottom part of the website, we’ll let you know how long you have left to order in time for the holidays in two different parts of our website.

  • On the product page, you’ll see the estimated delivery date on the right side.
  • And after you add it to your cart, you’ll also see it when you enter your shipping country.

Once you've placed your order, your confirmation email will also tell you what the estimated delivery date is for your order.

What about standard and express shipping?

During the holiday season, there will come a time when the option for standard shipping won't have your order to you by December 24, but you can check to see if express shipping still can!

When express shipping before December 24 becomes unavailable, we cannot guarantee that the order will get to you in time for that day.


Why is my order still processing?

The 3rd-party printers that fulfill orders on the Redbubble marketplace are most prepared to handle the high volume of orders during the holiday season. However, production times might be longer than usual. While normal production times are usually 2-3 days, during the holiday season it can take up to 1 week.

We appreciate your patience and understanding.

What do I do if it's too late to order?

You can still give your loved one the chance to get something unique from the Redbubble marketplace with a Digital Gift Card. Learn more about them here!