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Guidelines: Scott Pilgrim vs The World

 Scott Pilgrim vs The World


By submitting or including your design in the Partnership Program, you acknowledge and agree to the NBCUniversal Fan Art Terms and Conditions

Submitting Your Design
Tag your work with: scott pilgrim vs the world, scottpilgrimvstheworld
Accepted Formats: jpg, png; under 300 mb
Recommended Dimensions: 7632 x 6480 pixels

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Property Guidelines
Specific to Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Please note that guidelines are just guides to best increase your chance at getting a fan art design officially licensed by a brand partner. Ultimately, all decisions come down to each brand. We thank you for participating in our program, and best of luck!

Last updated January 30, 2020 

  • Do create and submit original and creative fan art designs based on the live-action motion picture, Scott Pilgrim vs the World.
  • Do experiment with different art styles and techniques for your fan art!
  • Do feel free to include transformative works of the characters, as long as you do not include direct actor likeness or actor names.
  • Do incorporate the following legal notice into your design: © UCS LLC
    • Please note that if the legal notice is not incorporated into your fan art, it may not be approved for the fan art program and may be taken down.


  • Don’t submit mash-ups with Scott Pilgrim vs the World and another brand or IP, even if owned by Universal or by you.
  • Don’t use the film logo alone without other artwork.
  • Don’t use actor likeness or names in your design.
  • Don’t reference or use names of directors or other staff related to the movie.
  • Don’t use any 3rd party copyrighted or trademarked content, language or imagery.
  • Don’t submit works that are obscene, racist, hateful, violent, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate. Works that are deemed inappropriate will not be approved and taken down. This may include swearing, hyper violence, adult content, inappropriate jokes, and more.

About Scott Pilgrim vs The World

Scott Pilgrim just met the girl of his dreams…literally. But in order for them to date, he must defeat her seven evil exes -- a rogues' gallery -- including an infamous skateboarder, a vegan rock star and fearsome identical twins! From the genre-smashing director of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead is a film powered up by wit, action and groundbreaking visuals!


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