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Submitting Your Design
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Accepted Formats: jpg, png; under 300 mb
Recommended Dimensions: 7632 x 6480 pixels

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Property Guidelines
Specific to Schitt's Creek

Please note that guidelines are just guides to best increase your chance at getting a fan art design officially licensed by a brand partner. Ultimately, all decisions come down to each brand. We thank you for participating in our program, and best of luck!

Last updated December 13, 2019


  • Do watch episodes of Schitt’s Creek to get inspired for your fan art.
  • Do be sure your designs are original and creative and related to the show.
  • Do try using different styles with your fan art designs!
  • And most importantly, have fun!


  • Don’t use any 3rd party IPs to create mashups with Schitt’s Creek.
  • Don’t submit works that may be considered at all obscene, racist, homophobic, violent, or defamatory. Works deemed inappropriate will not be approved and taken down.
  • Don’t submit unoriginal content, including but not limited to: show logo used alone, existing design ideas, screenshots, promotional and official art, plagiarized works, etc.
  • Don't create any designs that feature any of the cast in either illustrated or caricature form.
  • Don't submit plain phrase designs. Phrases taken from the show with no other design elements used will not be approved.
  • Don't use inappropriate phrases for fan art. Some of the phrases taken directly from the show are suitable for content, but not for product. Examples of this are:
    • Don’t worry, it’s his sister!
    • You get murdered first for once.
    • Never let the bastards get you down.
  • Don't use phrases that refer to drug use, feature swear words or are taken out of context.
  • Don't use any play on words with the name Schitt’s Creek.
  • Don't use any reference to being up a creek, any references to paddles or being without a paddle or any reference to literal shit or toilet related humour.
  • Don't use the third party names or phrases. For copyright reasons you are not able to mention famous people/songs used within the show on product, such as Mariah Carey or Simply the Best.
  • Don't create designs that already exist in the show. Any apparel used within the show should not be directly copied or used as inspiration as Schitt's Creek do not own the copyright. Please ensure that you legally clear the use of the phrases Radical Feminist, Nonchalance, Wild Aloof Rebel and love me tender before proceeding.
  • Don’t alter the logo in any way, e.g. colour, font, distortion. Acceptable colour ways are “Schitts” written in white or black, “Creek” written in yellow (PMS 109, C0 M20 Y100 K0or R255 G205 B0).
  • Don’t use any actors’ names on product. Only character names from the show.
  • Do not recreate logos that have already been established. For example “Herb Ertlinger” logo should only be used as it is created in the show.

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