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This is what you need to do to get paid in December's payout

Our annual payout month is coming up and we want to make sure you get your hard-earned funds! Please read carefully through the following list to ensure you receive your December payment.

Where do I go to make sure my payment details are correct?
You’ll find your payment details page here. You can always access this page by clicking ‘Account Settings’ from your dropdown menu and then clicking ‘Edit Payment Details’ under Account Settings. Check out the gif below!


How do I verify my Paypal account?
We walk you through the process right over here. If you’re still unable to verify your Paypal account after following those steps, please make sure to contact Paypal Support and ask what information they need in order to verify your account. 

How do I make sure my bank account details are correct?
The easiest way to review your bank details is to review your recent bank statement and double-check your account numbers. Re-enter them if necessary.

What if I’m set up to be paid by check?
Checks are no longer offered as of 2015. Please review the payment methods available for your currency and update your payment method to bank deposit or Paypal as soon as possible. 

Why am I not being paid this cycle?
All payments will be processed above 2 EUR/CAD/USD/GBP/AUD. To learn more about the Payment Threshold, please check out this article

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