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How do I move my Redbubble Group to Facebook?

Over the past few years, we’ve seen significant changes in the ways artists are using social media, and how they interact with each other. Artists are investing more time growing their own networks of fans, customers, and fellow artists on social platforms.

Sites like Facebook have developed great spaces and sophisticated moderation tools for hosting groups and communicating with group members. If you’re interested in moving your group to Facebook, we’ve gathered some resources to help you.

How to create a Facebook Group

  • Log in on Facebook.
  • Go to Explore on the left-hand navigation and click on Groups.
  • At the top left, you’ll see a button to Create Group.


You’ll then see a pop up where you can enter information and choose settings for your group.


  • Enter your group name
  • Choose whether you want to have your group discoverable in Facebook’s search 
  • Select whether you want your group to be Private or Public (you can change this later

See also: What are the privacy options for Facebook groups?


Once you create your group, you can upload a cover photo and add a description. 

Inviting group members to your new Facebook group

Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide you with emails or contact details for your group members but there are a number of ways you can invite group members to join your group on Facebook: 

  • Post a message in your Redbubble Group forum or on the Group profile page.
  • Enlist co-hosts and engaged members to spread the word and invite others.
  • Search for engaged group members by name and invite them via Facebook.

To find further information about Facebook Groups, check out the following links:

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