Coronavirus/COVID-19 Content on Redbubble

We understand that creativity can be an important coping tool in times of stress and uncertainty. Thus, we want to make sure that Redbubble remains a place for artists to build community and lighten the mood during this unprecedented time.

We welcome designs related to Coronavirus/COVID19 on the site as long as they do not violate our Community and Content Guidelines. Per these guidelines, works that deal with catastrophic events (such as global health pandemics) need to be sensitively handled and works that have the potential to cause the victims serious distress will be removed.

Examples of Coronavirus-related content that may be removed from Redbubble:

  • Messages discriminating against certain ethnicities or cultural backgrounds (see guidelines on Violence & Racism)
  • Jokes at the expense of victims
  • Works with ambiguous or harmful intent
  • Unnecessarily graphic content (i.e. blood, needles, violence)
  • Messages spreading panic or containing factually incorrect claims (according to our Harmful Misinformation guidelines)


An Important Note: We don’t recommend that you use the site as a definitive guide for what is okay to upload, display and sell.  Redbubble is an online marketplace and as such, designs on the site are constantly being added and removed by users as well as Redbubble for a variety of reasons that relate to our User Agreement and Community and Content Guidelines.

If you come across content on the site that you feel breaches our guidelines, please don't hesitate to report using the function at the bottom left hand corner of the work page.