How do I calculate the finished size of a Framed Print?

The sizes you see listed in the size dropdown describe only the printed area, and are determined by the dimensions of each design. In order to calculate the final size, you'll need to add on the dimensions of the matting and the framing.

Matting adds approximately 2.5"/6.4 cm on each side, while the framing will vary depending on the style you prefer:

  • The box frame adds 20mm to each side with a depth of 40mm.
  • The flat frame adds 30mm to each side with a depth of 20mm.

With that in mind, here’s how you can calculate the total size:

Image Size + 2.5"/6.4cm + your desired frame style’s size (20mm/30mm)

You can find additional information on our framed prints on each individual work page under the Features section.