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Guidelines: Panic! At The Disco


Submitting Your Design
Tag your work with: panic! at the disco, panic at the disco, patd, panicatthedisco
Accepted Formats: jpg, png; under 300 mb
Recommended Dimensions: 7632 x 6480 pixels

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Property Guidelines
Specific to Panic! At The Disco

Please note that guidelines are just guides to best increase your chance at getting a fan art design officially licensed by a brand partner. Ultimately, all decisions come down to each brand. We thank you for participating in our program, and best of luck!

Last updated October 9, 2020 

  • Do use a variety of art styles for your fan art.
  • Do experiment using the assets provided to apply styles and techniques to create your fan art!
  • Do mix and match assets including song titles as long as they make sense historically. (e.g. if using a song title and a photo they need to be from the same time period.)
  • Do include or reference some of your favorite songs by Panic! At The Disco. You can use titles and small portions of lyrics. (Make sure the song title or lyric make sense in your design historically, e.g. if using a song title and/or an album cover, the song lyric needs to be from that album.) We recommend:
    • I Write Sins Not Tragedies
    • Death Of A Bachelor
    • Victorious
    • Say Amen (Saturday Night)
    • High Hopes
    • Hey Look Ma, I Made It
  • Do feel free to illustrate Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco in your own style but be sure to keep their facial features accurate.
  • Do use "Panic! At The Disco", "Panic!", or "P!ATD" in your designs instead of the band member's names.
  • Do get creative when using Panic! At The Disco’s logo in terms of color and background designs.
  • Do include the copyright line OR the provided brand mark discretely and creatively in your fan art designs:


  • Don’t create mash ups with 3rd party IP and Panic! At The Disco in your fan art.
  • Don’t reference or use photos outside of what has been provided in these guidelines.
  • Don’t reference or illustrate designs based on photos of Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco that you do not own.
  • Don’t use the Panic! At The Disco symbol icons separately. They should be used together (eye, sun, moon and exclamation point).
  • Don't use Brendon's name on designs.
  • Don’t create your own lyrics and add them to your Panic! At The Disco fan art.
  • Don’t submit unoriginal content such as:
    • Logos used alone
    • Existing merchandise designs
    • Plagiarized works
  • Don’t submit works that are inappropriate or against Panic! At The Disco’s brand. Submissions that are obscene, racist, hateful, violent, defamatory, or otherwise inappropriate will be taken down.

© 2020 Panic! At The Disco. Under License To Manhead LLC.


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