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How do you print on t-shirts?

Each item on Redbubble is printed especially for you once you place an order. We work with a network of specialized fulfillers to print, process, and ship every part of your order. 

How do they do it? Read on to find out!


Basic apparel is made using direct to garment printing. This process involves applying a pre-treatment before loading the garment into a printer. The pre-treatment ensures the prints sink into the fibers of the textile, making them much more long-wearing than traditional ‘transfer’ prints, which just sit on top.


The full-bleed range, which includes products like the graphic t-shirt, leggings, scarf & A-line dress are created using a different technique called sublimation printing. 

Under the heat, these inks turn into gas and combine with polyester textiles. Since the ink becomes part of the structure of the material, the images on the fabric won't fade or crack, even after many washes.

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