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What happened to uploading written works on Redbubble?

We have taken the decision that we are no longer able to support writing on Redbubble, and we have begun the process of phasing out written works. We know this will be disappointing for those who have shared their writing, so we’d like to explain the reasons for the decision. 

Redbubble’s mission is to provide the best platform for Artists to sell their work. That means making choices about what we focus on, and how we invest time and resources.  Over the years, we’ve looked at ways for writers to generate income from their written works. Unfortunately, we’ve been unable to find an option that would work well for both writers and customers. Many potential solutions would also require significant investment or a shift away from Redbubble’s core offering. 

How you will be affected

  • Creation of new written works will be retired on Friday, June 5 2020 
  • At this time, we will not be removing access to existing written works 
  • We will notify artists when we plan to remove written works 
  • We encourage you to access your written works via Manage Portfolio and make sure you have a copy of anything you would like to keep.
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