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Why did I receive an error about product restrictions when saving my design?

The error "This work may not be offered for sale on the following products because it has been identified as being related to a brand or topic with product restrictions:" displays when the uploaded design has product restriction related to the Redbubble Partner Program or if the design has Sensitive Imagery.


Redbubble Partner Program
We work with brand partners via the Redbubble Partner Program to make as many products available for licensed fan art designs as possible. The needs of each brand partner is different and with that, we need to restrict the sale of certain products for some brands. 

Sensitive Imagery
Some designs can take on an unintended meaning when paired with certain products.  Thus, we ask that special consideration is given when choosing product availability for sensitive content related to topics such as: 

  • Political/ social commentary
  • Religious imagery
  • Works that are in memoriam of tragic events
  • Mature themes (as outlined in our Children’s Clothing guidelines)

For example, a painting of Anne Frank may be best suited for wall art products only and not wearables such as leggings or socks. Featuring these messages/imagery on products that seem high-fashion or decorative can trivialize the overall message or leave it open to misinterpretation. In addition, we recommend avoiding placing religious imagery on products that come into contact with certain parts of the body, like the feet or crotch area.

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