Why is the work limited to Redbubble?

Rights holders participating in the Redbubble fan art program provide licenses for Redbubble users to create and sell approved fan art on the Redbubble marketplace. These licenses make it possible for artists on Redbubble to sell art that contains the brand’s intellectual property, subject to certain terms and conditions.

One such condition is that these licenses only extend to selling on Redbubble and not any other place, whether online or in a physical location. Make sure to double check that your design is not available for sale anywhere else before uploading to Redbubble.

It is important to remember that, if [you/artist] violate any term or condition of your license, then the brand’s permission may be revoked and your art that uses the rights holder’s IP may no longer be allowed to be sold anywhere, even on Redbubble.