My fan art design is licensed on Teepublic. Can I submit it to Redbubble as well?

We’ve partnered with TeePublic to expand our Fan Art Partnership Program and you’re welcome to submit works on both marketplaces. However, your work must go through the same review process and won’t automatically be approved by the rights holder for sale on Redbubble. 

It’s important to note that ultimately, rights holders have the final authority to decide what fan art gets licensed and where, so you may receive different results from each program.

The good news is you may be able to expedite the process when uploading work to Redbubble that has already been approved on TeePublic. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Use the tag "FanArtProperty_TPapproved" (with "FanArtProperty" being the name of the fanart property name without any spaces, like "StevenUniverse_TPapproved").
  2. In the description of your design, add "Licensed on TP #####" with ##### being the design ID# for your approved TeePublic design, which can be found in your design URL.
  3. Use the regular submission tag for the property, which you can find in the brand guidelines.

And voilà! We’ll follow up with you once a decision is reached.

Remember to check the brand's page to ensure the rights holder is currently accepting submissions.