What's the difference between a Voucher, a Coupon or a Digital Gift Card?

Coupons are codes sent out by Redbubble through promotional emails, banners on the website, or via our Social Media pages (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram). They take a percentage off your order and some have an expiration date. Don't stress. We'll let you know the date!

Vouchers are codes usually with a set monetary value that are generated from the value of a previous order. You might get a voucher from a Customer Success Rep after you get in touch with us. These are not promotional codes, they are created just for you. They are also one-time use codes that are generally valid for one year.

Digital Gift Cards are codes that you can buy from Redbubble with a monetary value to give as a gift. You can purchase one here and choose the denomination you would like. They have no expiration date and you can use them multiple times until you spend all their value.

Keep in mind that Coupon codes cannot be used simultaneously with a Redbubble Voucher code or Digital Gift Card at this time.


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