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Why isn't my tracking number accurate or live?

Due to extremely high shipping volumes being experienced by most carriers during this busy holiday season, some tracking is taking up to a few days to become active. Once active, subsequent scans for your order may be missed, so your tracking may not always be live or accurate. Rest assured though that your order is on the way and will be with you soon!

For orders with tracking, your tracking number is sent to you via email as soon as the label is created and the information is shared with the shipping carrier. In most cases, your order is picked up and the tracking becomes live within a day, but carrier limitations are causing delays in orders beginning to ship, so there may be a delay in the tracking becoming live.

Please note: Recent public health developments in the United Kingdom have affected shipments going in and out of the UK and therefore delaying orders for the UK and Europe. More information can be found here.

Issues with a Royal Mail tracking link? We can help over here!
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