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Can my suspended account be reinstated?

If your account was disabled for spam, fraud, or violating our policies, it will not be reactivated.

However, despite the sophistication of our robots, occasionally an account gets caught in our filters and we may be able to reverse the suspension. Please note that this is very rare. 

If you believe this was a mistake, let a member of our staff know what happened through this link here. Keep in mind that we aren’t able to respond to all appeals, nor are we obligated to disclose the nature of the account suspension. We will only respond if we find that your account was suspended in error and will be reinstated.

If the account has been deleted, or the suspension was due to a serious offense, you may not be able to log in to Redbubble again.

You can arrange to close a suspended account that you no longer have access to by submitting a request. 

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