What happens when my work is released from suspension?

If you receive a notification that your work has been reviewed and can be sold on the Redbubble marketplace, your work will automatically be made available in your shop. 

If you’ve submitted your work to the Fan Art Partner Program, certain rights holders may allow your work to be available for sale while they determine whether or not to license it. Works that are selected to be a part of the program will receive a separate notification with further details. 

Please note:

If a work is released, it is not exempt from suspension or takedowns in the future.

Obligatory Yet Very Important Legal Disclaimer:

Don’t be fooled by any complicated jargon (and how snazzy we look in pinstripe). We are not your lawyer and this is not legal advice. We recommend contacting an attorney if you need an actual legal consultation.

Rather, this is general information aimed at giving you the legal lay of the land. While we can’t defend you in court, we know that art and IP ownership can be murky territory; the least we can do is arm you with the right kind of knowledge to get you started.