What is Tag Spamming?

Tag spamming is the use of irrelevant or misleading tags on products. This includes: 

  • Using irrelevant tags like the tag “blue” on a work that contains only red
  • Long-Form Tags (example: thisisbluenotred)
  • Repeated Tags (example: blue, BLUE, Blue)
  • Numbered Tags (example: blue1, blue2, blue03)
  • Other artist names

Is Tag Spamming OK?

Tag spamming is discouraged on the Redbubble marketplace as it can often create an unpleasant experience for other artists and users alike.

Artists should keep in mind that tag spamming will not help promote their products on the marketplace, gain more sales, or bring in more customers. Ultimately, tag spamming does more harm than good for the artist as well as the Redbubble community. 

If you would like to know how to tag your products on the marketplace effectively or want other helpful promotion tips, check out the following articles: 

How do I report Tag Spam?

If you find a work that has misleading, numbered, excessive, or long-form tags, there’s no need to report it. While the use of these tagging methods can be unpleasant for some, ultimately it will not help the artist earn more sales than those who do not. There are also limitations in place that discourage artists from tag spamming.

In the case where someone is using your name or username to tag their products, we ask that you file a notice and takedown report. Reports filed by other means will not be assessed.

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