What is Tag Spamming?

Tag spamming is traditionally classified as the use of inappropriate, irrelevant, or misleading tags to products. According to our Community Guidelines, this includes: 

  • Using irrelevant tags like the tag blue on a work that contains only red
  • Long-Form Tags (example: thisisbluenotred)
  • Repeated Tags (example: blue, BLUE, Blue)
  • Numbered Tags (example: blue1, blue2, blue03)
  • Adult-themed tag words on children's clothing or works that reference children.
  • Other artist names

Many artists practice tag spamming with the hope that their products will be seen in more searches on the Redbubble marketplace. This, however, is not the case and does little to boost an artist’s sales. 

Keep in mind that tag spamming only pollutes the marketplace and is also against our Community Guidelines. Users who are found in violation of this policy may be subject to suspension or removal.