Why have I been double charged?

When you make a purchase online, your bank or card issuer is contacted to confirm that your payment is valid. The bank then holds the funds until the transaction is processed or the authorization expires. Even if your transaction is declined, the hold may still appear on your statement, depending on your bank’s policies.

If you're seeing something that looks like a duplicate charge, here are a few details we'd want to confirm: 

  • Are the charges pending or settled?
    • Pending authorizations can still deduct from your available balance, however, do not complete until processed. 
  • Are the charges for the exact same amount? 
  • Are the charges for the same date or time? 
  • Check your email for order confirmations from Redbubble.

If it's not settled or is the same amount on the same date, it's likely a pending charge. If you're still unsure,  reach out to us with the details of what you found and we'll be happy to look into this further. We recommend you contact us first before contacting your financial institution for the quickest solution.

Remember to never share your personal financial details (e.g. credit/debit card numbers, account numbers, etc.) with Customer Support. 

 American Express

AMEX cardholders might notice a 5-10 day settlement period after a purchase where there is both a pending and confirmed transaction amount on their statement. After this settlement period, you'll see the pending amount disappear. If you encounter any troubles, please contact the American Express support team directly.

What do I do if I don't recognize any of the charges? 

For any charge that is unrecognized/unauthorized please contact us immediately for further assistance.