What's happened to socks?

We have identified opportunities to improve the quality of the socks product offered by artists on the Redbubble marketplace for some designs. Therefore we intentionally are ramping down the sale of socks by limiting their visibility on the marketplace so the 3rd-party fulfillers can work on improvements. We will shortly create resources for artists on how to design for socks so they can continue to offer them in their shop with the best print and overall product quality.

For customers…

Can I still buy socks in my cart?

You will still be able to purchase them if you so choose. When it comes time to print, if the 3rd-party fulfiller determines the design will not produce a good quality product, you will get a notification about your order being canceled and we'll issue you a Redbubble voucher to order the design on a different product, or find a different design for socks.

What about socks I have saved in a list?
They will stay there and you will still be able to add them to your cart to purchase.
Is there any way to still find socks on the Redbubble marketplace?
If an artist still has socks enabled as a product for their designs, you will be able to find them from their shop, or on a product page for the design in the "Also available on" section.

For artists...

What is the issue with socks?
We’ve found that some designs with fine detail do not print clearly. We are working on a more complete resource to help artists create designs for socks, but in the meantime here are a few design characteristics we’ve found to produce the best print quality:

  • Designs with all-over color
  • Dark designs with a light/white background
  • Avoiding white detail on a dark background
  • Avoiding super-fine detail in general
What happens to socks I have enabled in my shop?
They will remain there, however, customers will not be able to find them through normal site navigation. They will be able to find them from your shop, or on a product page for your design in the "Also available on" section.
Can I still upload and design socks?
You can! However, they will only be visible from your shop, or on a product page for your design in the "Also available on" section.

We appreciate your understanding, and patience during the improvement process.

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