How do I use a bandana for my pet?

How do I find the correct size bandana?

Grab a measuring tape, and let's figure out what size bandana would fit your pet best!

  1. Figure out where you want the bandana to sit on your pet’s neck
  2. Place the end of the measuring tape on the center of your furry friend's neck
  3. Gently wrap the tape around their neck (not too tight!)

Bandana's on the Redbubble marketplace come in two sizes:

  • Small - for necks up to 16in or 41cm
  • Large - for necks up to  25in or 64cm

For more information, check out our article about pet product sizing

How do I tie a bandana on my pet?

For bandanas, a square knot is recommended.

  1. Take the corners at the end of the longest side in each hand
  2. Cross them over each other, making an "X"
    • The piece from the right side should be on the bottom
  3. Move the corner that is now on the right under the bottom piece
  4. Cross the corners over each other again, making another "X"
    • The end on the right will be on the bottom again
  5. Loop the corner on the right under the bottom piece again
  6. Pull both ends to tighten


Do not leave your pet unattended while wearing a bandana.

Pets should only wear bandanas while supervised to avoid potential harm.