Collections are great ways to organize your portfolio and showcase your work in little galleries.

This article will cover the basics of creating and deleting collections, adding and removing work, and editing other settings.


More of a visual learner? We have videos! Head over to our Collections article to watch the magic happen.

Creating Collections

To create a collection, you’ll need to have some work in your portfolio. If you haven’t already, check out our Uploading Work article.

You can have 30 collections per profile and each collection can hold 100 images.

  1. Head to your Manage Portfolio page by clicking on your avatar in the top right corner and hitting ‘Manage Portfolio’.
  2. Once on this page, select the works you want to put in a Collection. You can do so by marking the checkbox on each of the works you want to add.
  3. From here, a new set of buttons will appear near the top. Click on the ‘Collections’ drop-down menu.


  4. In the textbox, type in the name of your new collection.
  5. Click the plus sign to create the collection.
  6. You’ll see that the collection name appears in the drop-down menu. To include the designs you picked, select the new collection and hit ‘Add’.
Keep in mind you can only add designs that are set to public. Private designs cannot be added to collections.

Editing Collections

From the Manage Portfolio page, click on the ‘Collections’ button at the top. This is where all the tools for managing collections are located.

  1. To edit a collection, click the cogwheel on the corner of that Collection.
  2. Hit ‘Edit’. This will take you to your Manage Collection page.
  3. On this Manage Collection page, you can edit the title, description, default order, and thumbnail style of the collection. You can also remove designs from the collection.


  • Title & Description: In these text boxes, you can edit the title and description of your Collection.
  • Default View: You can control the way your images are organized in your collection. The default is set to Custom, giving you free rein to sort work as you see fit.
  • Thumbnail Style: This determines what preview image will be used in your collection. You can select between cropped images or uncropped images and particular or randomized products.

Removing work from a Collection

  1. To remove work from a Collection, head to the Manage Collection page.
  2. Click on the work(s) you want to remove to select them.
  3. Selecting a work will bring up the ‘Remove from Collection’ button at the top of the page, which you can click to remove.


  4. Alternatively, when a work is selected, you can also click the cogwheel at the corner and select ‘Remove from Collection’.

Deleting a Collection

  1. To delete a collection, click on the collection to select it. You can hit the checkbox at the top left to select all collections.
  2. A trash can icon will appear at the top. Click this button to delete the collections you selected.

Highlighting Collections

If there's a particular collection that you're especially proud of, you can showcase it in your Profile using the "Highlight Collection" button.

  1. From your Profile page, simply mouse over the beloved Collection.
  2. Click on the upwards arrow to pop it at the top of your page.

Private Collections

Unfortunately, you cannot make collections private or add private works to collections at this time.

The Spinning Wheel

If you’re seeing this spinning wheel…


It means that you haven’t added work to that collection yet. Get on it!