What are the benefits of searching with a Redbubble account?

We might be slightly biased, but signing up for a Redbubble account is one of the best things you could do for your self-care today. Don’t wait any longer and sign up!

Here are some ways your search experience will improve if you have an account:

  • Your home page will be flooded with content we know you’ll like! 
  • You can favorite independent artists' products and save them in your personal lists. This will let us know what you like so that we can recommend you more awesome artwork. 
  • Your home page will show you recently viewed products, in case you forgot to save them.
  • Your cart details will be saved if you need time to think about what else to get.

See? If you have an account, most of the work is done for you! Sit back and enjoy the amazing art by independent artists on the Redbubble marketplace. 

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