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I received an error at checkout

Trying to place an order and all of a sudden "an error occurred"?

Here are a few things you can check: 

  • Did you enter your card number correctly? 
  • Did you enter the correct expiration date? 
  • Did you enter the correct authentication code?
  • Does the billing address associated with your card match the billing address you entered at checkout?
  • Does the account you're using to pay with have sufficient funds?
  • If you're using a Visa Gift Card, has it been verified?

It is possible that your browser or your app is interfering with your purchase, so have a look at these articles (website/app) to learn some troubleshooting tips.

If you've checked all of the above and you still get this error message, contact your bank for further assistance. 

You can also try one of these alternative payment options to complete your order.

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